Wireless Internet Access


Wifi_Logo Wireless Internet Access

Access to the wireless network is provided to all members of the SULC community and guests through the SSIDs available throughout the campus. From your wireless device, select the SSID that best suites your classification and needs. A brief description of each SSID is offered below:

(SULC) -Secured access for all Faculty, Staff, and Students to SULC internal resources.  This SSID is accessible by logging in with your SULC username and password.

(SULC-Guest) – Open guest access with limited bandwidth for accessing internet resources.

(SULC-Sponsored) – Secured access for guest lecturers, presentations, and seminars at the Law Center sponsored by a full-time staff or faculty members.  The Pre-Shared Key for this SSID will change on a monthly basis.  Authorized personnel will have access to the current and or future password for this network and can distribute this to guests that are sponsored.