How to Register for an Externship

  1. Go to the website and identify the way you can apply for an externship
  2. The website will identify traditional and non-traditional opportunities
  3. The law student will fill out the online application for the externship
  4. A date will then be set for the student to meet with the director of externships
  5. The director will explain the criteria for the application for an externship which will include:
    1. Submission of application
    2. One writing sample
    3. Two letters of recommendations from faculty members who are vastly familiar with the position the student is seeking
  6. The director will then coordinate and make contact with the intended mentor along with the student and a meeting date will be set up by phone or in person to coordinate the placement
  7. The director will then notify the student of his/her placement after consultation with the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
  8. The director will then meet with the student and set up the review schedule which will discuss the most appropriate manner by which the externship placement will be reviewed. Reviews can occur by Skype, Facetime, E-Mail, or Video Telecommunications, or in-person.
  9. It is the extern’s responsibility to make sure that he/she attends a classroom component set by the direction of the director
  10. There must be a weekly meeting confirming the safety of the student’s experience along with a vision that identifies how the externship is to occur
  11. At the end of the semester, each extern will make sure that the mentor submits a completed mentor evaluation along with a completed externship folder that outlines the duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments acquired during the semester