Getting Aid When Taking Classes at Other Schools

Consortium Agreement Process

The Consortium Agreement is used to form a contract between two colleges/universities that recognize the registration of a student at each site for financial aid purposes. The consortium agreement also certifies that only one of the two colleges/universities will administer Title IV financial aid for the student.

The Home School is the school where the student is fully admitted and from which he/she will get a degree. The Host School is where the student temporarily takes courses, whose credits will be transferred back to his/her Home School. In this case, the Southern University Law Center (SULC) is the Home School.

Extra processing time for financial aid processing may be needed to ensure funds to be available by semester start date. The Consortium agreement should be completed no later than 60 days prior to the start of the semester.



  1. See the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, with your class schedule from the host school to obtain approval. The Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs will forward the approval to Financial Aid.
  2. Ensure your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is completed and submitted prior to the priority deadline, April 15th.
  3. Complete a consortium agreement information form and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid.
  4. The consortium agreement will be submitted to the host school to obtain a cost of attendance budget, an enrollment period, and an authorized signature.
  5. The Office of Financial Aid will contact you via email when the agreement is ready for your signature. Please return it promptly.
  6. You are responsible for confirming that your awards are sufficient to cover the cost of tuition and fees at the host institution.
  7. Your financial aid award package must be accepted using Banner Self Service (note: your budget will be adjusted according to the consortium agreement).
  8. If your financial aid package is insufficient to cover the cost at the host school, and you have not been awarded up to the COA, you can apply for a Graduate PLUS Loan at indicating the amount you wish to borrow or maximum available on your credit application, if applicable.  A Graduate PLUS MPN must accompany this loan request.
  9. Accept your Graduate PLUS Loan by submitting the SULC Direct Loan Application, available under financial aid forms at
  10. You must submit a billing statement/fee bill from the host school to the Office of Financial Aid, prior to SULC releasing funds to you.
  11. You will be responsible for paying the host school with the financial aid refund received from SULC.
  12. You are to notify SULC Registrar’s Office and Financial Aid Office of any changes in enrollment, and ensure the final transcript is forwarded to the SULC Registrar’s Office.