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Volume 44, Issue 2

Free Speech and Signage After Reed v. Town of Gilbert: Signs of Change from the Bayou State
Kolby P. Marchand
Avoyelles Parish Public Schools: Louisiana School for the Agricultural Sciences’ Admission Policies as a Breeding Ground for a Return Of Legal Segregation
Daisha L. Hodges
Avoiding The Fire Next Time: Foster v. Chatman and the Inevitability of Peremptory Prejudice
Gilbert S. Bayonne
Navigating the Marshes Through the Thick Fog of Reasonable Expectations of Privacy & Jurisprudence: Social Media Records Discovery in Louisiana
Remington M. Angelle


“All I want to say is that they really don’t care about us”: Reducing Police Misconduct Via Social Control Theory
Derek A. Bisig


Since You Brought It Up: Is Legally Separating a Child from a Non-biological Third-Party Who Has Essentially Become the Child’s Psychological Parent Really in the Best Interest of the Child?
Michelle R. Gros


Drugged Driving: How the Legalization of Marijuana has Impaired the Ability of the Louisiana DWI Law
Charles Scott Courrege