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The Southern University Law Review aspires to encourage the progressive discourse of issues affecting both the legal profession and society as a whole by publishing exceptional legal scholarship. Accordingly, the Southern University Law Review aims to thoroughly cultivate the legal research, writing, and analysis skills of its members and contributors so that distinctive and impactful philosophies in the practice of law may be developed and published.


As the flagship publication of Southern University Law Center, the Law Review strives to be a leader in scholarship and research for lawyers, law students, judges, and scholars from across the country and the world. Please find the articles in our current issue below.


Volume 46, Issue II

Immigration Waivers and the Psychological Effects on Family Members Throughout Their Loved One’s Legalization Process 
Gina L. Signorelli

South Dakota v. Wayfair: Way Unfair? 
Josef Ventulan

Carpenter v. United States: A step Further in Privacy Protection, But not Far Enough 
Kyllie Mae Guidry

Disqualifying Immunity: How Qualified Immunity Exacerbates Police Misconduct and Why Congress Must Destroy It
Hayden Carlos

Painkillers for Profit Gains: How the Ninth Circuit’s Revival of Dent v. NFL Could Hold the League Liable for Long-Term Injuries Caused by Its Administration of Painkillers
Michael B. Scallan

Housing Recidivism: The Critical Link to Reducing Louisiana’s Bulging Prisons; 
Angela Decoteau



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