Academic Counseling

The Office of Academic Support is staffed by Academic Counselors and Coordinators who are available to assist SULC students during their matriculation through our program of legal education. The Academic Counselors and/or Coordinators will advise students on the expectations of law school, provide suggestions on time-management, and guidance on effective study strategies.  Generally, first-year students will have a designated staff person with whom they will interact.  The interaction with first-year students will be continuous during the first year of study. Upperclassmen may make an appointment, as necessary, with a staff person for assistance.

Staff persons are available to assist students in mastering the skills necessary to succeed in law school by identifying causes and attempting to find solutions for academic problems.  As such, staff persons will conduct an individual assessment of a student’s needs and develop a plan to aid the student based on the results of the assessment.  It is common for assignments to be provided by the staff person – with feedback being provided by the staff person – to evaluate the student’s progression along the identified plan.