Summer Pre-Law Program

During the summer pre-law program, participants start the process of building the knowledge needed to be successful in a law school environment.  Participants are introduced to law school pedagogy, structure of the legal system, and legal skills such as case briefing, legal writing and legal analysis.  The summer pre-law program takes place in the month of July of every year.

In order to accommodate the needs of committed and incoming first year students, SULC offers two (2), two week sessions for students admitted to the full time day and part time day programs. Interested students in the full time day and part time day programs may choose to take part in either two week session.  SULC, additionally, offers a three (3) week session for students admitted to the part time evening program.

Past participants have overwhelmingly stated that their participation in the summer pre law program enhanced their confidence and preparedness to enter law school.  In addition to the above, past participants have found getting to know classmates, teaching assistants, professors and administration advantageous in their acclimation to the law school environment.

If you have any questions regarding the summer pre law program, please contact Marla Dickerson at (225) 771-4913 or