Bar Preparation Program

SULC offers a multi-faceted bar exam preparatory program.  The program is designed for all SULC students.  Students are exposed to the program in each year of their studies as well as the summer following their graduation.  The program has three primary facets: supplemental bar review sessions conducted during the school year, a bar preparatory course – called Statutory Analysis; and a summer supplemental bar review session.

First-year law students will be introduced to information regarding the steps needed to prepare for the bar exam during their initial law school orientation.  Additionally, two sessions will be offered during the spring semester which will be focused on the Louisiana bar exam. The sessions will introduce the first year students to a Recurring Issue Outline concept of studying and cover one substantive bar subject.

The second-year students will have six supplemental bar review sessions. The first session will serve as an introductory session that will recap SULC’s Recurring Issue Outline concept, while the remaining sessions will address a specific portion of the Louisiana bar exam and MBE and MPT portions of common law bar exams.  All of the supplemental bar review sessions are structured to address the process of preparing for the exam instead of doctrinal subject matter.

SULC offers two bar preparatory courses to students in their final year of law school.  These courses – Statutory Analysis and Statutory Analysis II – do not contain pre-requisites.  By taking both courses, a student will be exposed to methods of preparing for all nine sections of the Louisiana bar examination.  SULC also offers a one-semester common law version of the Statutory Analysis course that generally focuses on the MBE but also provides information on the MEE and MPT.

SULC offers both summer and winter supplemental bar review sessions. During the program, students take prior bar exams under conditions similar to those that they will encounter on the bar exam.  The students receive both written and oral feedback regarding their performances on the practice exams.

There are many benefits of attending all of the programs listed above. Historically, students who have attended and actively embraced the supplemental bar review program have received better scores overall than those who not participate in the program, have a higher bar passage rates on their first attempts than those who do not participate, and have more confidence and are less anxious during the time leading up to the exam.

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